At Hyder Law, our lawyers are experienced in the preparation of contract documents. We draft and review contracts that help avoid litigation and keep client’s projects within a reasonable time frame and budget.
Our expertise with contracts, especially construction contracts, ensures that we understand the risks involved in business transactions and thereby reduce our client’s risks.



    Our lawyers understand the construction industry and can quickly identify and address potential construction issues in contracts.


    There is no “standard” construction project. Our lawyers develop each contract to match the client’s needs, rather than simply filling in a boiler plate industry form. This prevents disputes and litigation and makes the rights and responsibilities of all parties understandable.


    We review contracts drafted by other firms and contractors in order to negotiate favorable contract terms for our client. At Hyder Law, our goal is always to develop a contract that is fair and legally enforceable.


    When contractual disputes arise our attorneys help clients to efficiently resolve them in order for their business projects to keep moving forward. We also assist clients with Dispute Resolution Board proceedings during or at the conclusion of construction, striving at all times to minimize costs and resolve the matter as quickly and favorably as possible. If the matter cannot be resolved by Alternate Dispute Resolution our experienced litigators effectively advocate for our clients or on appeal.

At Hyder Law, we represent a wide range of clients in private, public or quasi-public entities, construction projects and a variety of other businesses in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Our clients include business owners, developers, construction management firms, general contractors, trade contractors, vendors and design professionals.


We represent victims of accidents in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Workers at construction sites have special protections under New York law because they are at increased risk for accidents and on-the-job injuries. There are often parties about whom you may not even be aware of, who may be responsible to pay for your injuries. At Hyder Law, our team has extensive experience in representing clients involved in work related injuries, especially construction work accidents. This includes injuries related to multi storied building projects and single-family home construction.

We handle the following types of Construction Work Accidents:

  • Scaffolding Accidents and Falls
  • Ladder Accidents
  • Defective Ladders
  • Falling Objects
  • Slip and Falls from Heights
  • Painters Falling from Heights
  • Window Cleaning Accidents
  • Bricklaying and Masonry Accidents
  • Crane Accidents
  • Demolition and Renovation
  • Cave-ins and Shoring Injuries
  • Welding Injuries
  • Unsafe Worksite Accidents
  • OSHA Violation Accidents
  • Equipment and Electrical Malfunctions
  • Slip, Trip and Fall at Construction Sites

We specialize in the following types of claims:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical treatment and physical rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and earnings
  • Necessary house and vehicle upgrades to accommodate the disability
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful Death

Consultation with a Lawyer is Essential
Any Time There is a Serious Injury

We do not charge a consultation fee or a fee for our work unless the injury results in a recovery.
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If you live or work in New York State and suffer a work-related injury, illness or disability, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.

Employees in most instances lose the right to sue their employers for negligence resulting in injury, illness or disability. But employees can generally receive payment from workers’ compensation without regard to fault as long as the injury, illness or disability is related to work. The question of what is work-related is not always simple.

Any time a serious injury occurs while at work, it is advisable to talk to a lawyer. Call Hyder Law for advice. Some workplace accidents may permit the injured party to sue a third party (e.g., product manufacturer, land owner or someone other than the employer who contributed to the injury). There are also special laws in New York that offer additional

protection to certain workers such as workers at a construction site. It is therefore important that you talk to a law any time there is a serious injury. The lawyers will not charge any consultation fee for their efforts unless money is recovered for the injured person.

In most cases, employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance or to meet self-insurance requirements. The employer is required to pay for the insurance. The Workers’ Compensation Board is the state agency that decides claims filed under the Workers’ Compensation Law. The Board functions similar to a court, providing Workers’ Compensation Law Judges to decide disputes between injured workers and insurance companies. The Board does this either by holding hearings or by issuing written decisions based on paperwork filed by the injured worker, the treating doctors, the insurance company, and the insurance company medical consultants.

The insurance company will be represented by an attorney or other insurance company lawyer. Talk to a Hyder lawyer regarding your workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ compensation attorney is not permitted to charge a fee or to take money directly from a workers’ compensation claimant. If the claim results in a award of benefits, the attorney will generally request that a fee be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Board. If the fee request is approved, the money will be deducted by the insurance company from the benefits due to the injured worker and sent directly to the attorney. You will not be required to pay anything.

Injuries, Illness and Disability

To receive workers’ compensation benefits, an employee must prove that she/he has an injury, illness or disability arising out of and in the course of his/her employment, that he/she gave adequate notice to the employer. A claim for an accident must be filed by the injured worker with the Workers’ Compensation Board within two years of the incident or condition that caused the injury, illness or disability, unless the failure to file is excused for certain limited reasons. A person may seek workers’ compensation and also bring a lawsuit against other parties who contributed to causing the injury. Let us handled this work for you.

Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases are also covered by workers’ compensation. An occupational disease is a condition which is caused by the specific type of job over a period of time. For example, a person who works as a typist may, after a period of weeks, months or years, develop a problem with their hands or wrists. The problem may be due to being exposed to a substance typical to your job over a period of time i.e., bakers’ asthma, which occurs from being exposed to flour dust over a long period of time.

When You First Become Aware that a Medical Condition is
Work-Related consult with Iqbal Hyder LLC about filing a claim.


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