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Hyder Law represents first time buyers and sellers of residential homes, real estate developers, corporations, hard money lenders, brokers and builders in residential and commercial real estate transactions. Hyder lawyers are highly qualified real estate attorneys with experience of a large number of successful real estate closings and real estate litigation.
At Hyder Law, we counsel clients in all areas of real estate law, including commercial buildings, shopping centers, condominium developers, apartment buildings, undeveloped land, cooperative apartments, condominium and single family homes. We provide legal services to our clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York.
Hyder lawyers will personally review and edit the Contract of Sale, the Lease and the Rider to make sure it fits your needs. This places us at an advantage over other attorneys who do not take time to negotiate the Contract of Sale and Lease provisions but simply use a standard Contract of Sale or Lease form placing the client at an automatic disadvantage. We will assist you with the purchase or sale of your residential home or commercial property. Our lawyers will review and draft the Contract of Sale or the Lease and will guide you in all of your real estate transactions from the beginning to the end in a professional manner saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

At Hyder Law, we commit to providing you with the following services related to your real estate needs:

  • We always stress on the engineering inspection as one of the most important first steps after the offer is accepted.
  • Second Step is the Contract Signing after a careful review by our experienced attorney.
  • We will guide you in obtaining Financing and Appraisal; followed by
  • The Title Examination and Survey of the premises.
  • The final step is the Closing, after the bank is ready to close and the title objections have been resolved at inspection prior to closing.
  • This is followed by the exchange of funds and signing of all bank documents.

Real estate sellers also need an attorney at the very early stage of the transaction, before any broker agreements are signed. A detailed interview with an experienced real estate attorney before the drafting of the Contract of Sale is necessary to make sure the deal is structured properly. This is important as the Seller’s attorney has to be informed of any New York City Code violations, illegal tenancies, liens, judgments, illegal construction and Certificate of Occupancy issues prior to drafting the Contract of Sale or the Lease in order to avoid delays and cancellations.

Our services include the review of:

  • The drafting of Real Estate Agreements
  • The Title Reports
  • Department of Building records
  • Surveys and Building plans
  • Offering Plans
  • Outstanding violations from the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development
  • Acquisition of residential and commercial property
  • The Legality of all Structures on the property
  • Unpaid Water or Real Estate or Franchise Taxes, Judgments, ECB Liens and Municipal Violations

We guide you expertly through the following real estate related transactions:

  • Commercial closings
  • Refinancing
  • Assignments of Mortgage
  • Power of Attorney for any real estate transaction
  • Deed transfers
  • Mortgages for builders
  • Equity Lines
  • CEMAs
  • Private Lending
  • Institutional Lender Representation
  • Adverse Possession
  • Banking Transactions
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Condominium Offering Plans
  • Contract Law
  • Cooperatives
  • New York Deed Transfers
  • New York Foreclosures
  • Services of Settlement Agent in New York

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